Design/Build Your Own Oceanfront Dream Home

We will manage your build with the best architects, builders and designers in Nova Scotia.

If you are buying a lot at Ocean Point Estates, you’re going to need a house. We have teamed up with some of the best architects, designers & home builders in Nova Scotia and Canada to ensure that our buyers get the custom-built home of their dreams.
Our history with Nova Scotia builders, architects, & designers
Our president, Aubrey Palmeter, has decades of experience leading Eastpoint, one of the province’s most well-respectedengineering and architectural firms. This means that we know who to hire and, perhaps more importantly, who not to hire to ensure that you get the best quality for your home building budget. With extensive experience on large projects, building a house in Nova Scotia is a simple ask – but one we don’t take lightly. We know this is your dream, and we want it to be perfect. Our local people in Chester, Mahone Bay and other local communities have the best idea of materials and designs to use for your oceanfront property. Each location comes with its unique challenges. It’s understanding these details that sets our people apart and it’s why we trust them with your custom design/build project.
We handle the project details so you don’t have to
Apart from design and budgetary approvals, we handle the details for you. Many of our clients are not from the local area. We’re on the ground for you here and will provide progress updates any time you want them. The process starts as you consider various site alternatives. While each case differs from the last, we meet, vitually if necessary, to understand your requirements and help you select the site that will best meet your objectives. Once you have committed to a site we arrange a meeting with our architects or designers to begin the design process. This process involves a series of approvals before we’re ready to hand the final approved design off to our builders. From there, our designers and builders will work together to complete your dream, and your life at Ocean Point begins!

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